Five Important Flood Insurance Facts

If you live in Orlando, flood insurance is a vital financial product to keep on hand at all times. This coverage protects you from devastation in the event of flooding. In a city like Orlando that’s prone to heavy rains, floods, tornados, and storms, it is vital protection for everyone. Read below to learn five more important facts that you should know concerning flood insurance orlando fl.

It isn’t’ Included in Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance typically does not include flood coverage, so if you want to get this protection, understand that it is an add-on coverage or sold as a separate policy. Ask your agent for more information.

Sometimes HOAs Requires Flood Insurance

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If you live in a flood zone area, you may be required to carry flood insurance under your homeowners insurance policy to comply with your HOA requirements. Check with your HOA to determine the requirements for flood insurance.

Coverage Varies From One Policy to the Next

It is important that you read over your policy before signing on the dotted line. Each policy offers different coverage than the next and you certainly shouldn’t assume that something is or is not covered.

Compare to Get the Best Rates

Free estimate make it simple to compare rates with several area provides to find the best price for your needs. The free estimates are free from obligation so you aren’t forced to purchase coverage that you don’t want.

It’s Easy to Get Coverage

Anyone that wishes to add the protection of flood insurance can purchase a policy and suffice their needs. Even people that aren’t in high flood risk areas of Orlando can buy a policy to add the protection that it brings. It is fairly simple to get a policy, regardless of your needs.